Inverter control all-in-one motherboard

Number of DIP lines: 3 production lines DIP

Daily production capacity: more than 500,000 points

Post-welding line: 4 production lines

Post-soldering capacity: 30,000 sets of PCBA/day

Test line: 4 production lines

Test capacity: 30,000 sets of PCBA/day

Advantages of PCBA OEM

Junze is a professional manufacturer of SMT patch, DIP plug-in, post-soldering, testing, aging assembly, and packaging in Daping. Product assembly, packaging and processing orders, our factory has a strong production and manufacturing capacity, in Fuyong Fenghuang Third Industrial Zone OA-04 District has a 3-storey production, office and storage space with a total area of nearly 15,000 square meters in Guangming Baihua The 4th-5th floor of Building A9, Dongxing Huaxiong, has nearly 3,000 square meters of office, production, and storage space. There are 5 SM high-speed supporting production lines, with a daily production capacity of 15 million DP plug-in lines. 3 production lines are about 500,000 points before daily production; And Guangming's assembly production line has a total of 22 modern assembly lines with a capacity of up to 300,000 PCS. In the SMT patch processing and assembly processing industry, Junze can be said to be very large-scale and far ahead in the industry. Here you can realize one-stop manufacturing of your products, fully reduce the production cycle and production costs of each link of production, and improve your competitiveness and profitability! Choose to cooperate with JunZe, from the point of view of your factory and the customers you take with you, with our scale and strength, it is absolutely worthy of being put on the table. Choosing a factory and assembly factory with scale and strength is very beneficial to your production! If you have customers who need patch processing and assembly processing, you may wish to visit our factory and we will warmly welcome you.

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SMT patch, assembly and processing one -stop electronic manufacturing service provider, undertake full support services such as patch, plug -in, post -welding, testing, aging, assembly, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, etc.