Two advantages of the automotive electronics market

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With the development of society, automobiles have become the mainstream means of transportation, and indispensable in-vehicle electronic products have gradually occupied a huge market. The following are two major advantages of the automotive electronics market:

One: Unlike traditional automotive electronics, most in-vehicle electronics are purchased by consumers at the time of purchase or after purchase, without being limited by the configuration of the car manufacturer, which gives the car electronics a huge potential market capacity. Taking car navigation equipment as an example, in addition to the Japanese and some domestic manufacturers insisting on the car factory configuration navigation equipment, the portable GPS devices introduced by many third-party manufacturers are the real reason for the outbreak of the car navigation market.

Second: For the current mainstream 3G manufacturers, the threshold for entering the automotive electronics market is low. Whether it is car audio, information systems or home appliances, compared to its corresponding mainstream market products, product cost and technical requirements are relatively low, manufacturers can fully develop on the basis of existing resources. Some widely used 3G technologies and devices such as liquid crystal display, wireless communication, and voice recognition can be easily transplanted into in-vehicle devices and quickly accepted by consumers.

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